Rink Safety

To ensure an enjoyable and safe environment please follow the Rink Rules and read the following information before using our facilities.

Please listen to the Ice Stewards at all times.
• Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. The ratio is 1:3 (adults:children).
• No littering.
• No entry onto the ice without skates.
• We recommend wearing gloves, thick socks and clothing which covers arms and legs whilst skating.
• Remove objects from pockets whilst skating.
• No bags, phones or cameras on the ice.
• No MP3 players or other headsets.
• Do not eat or drink on the ice.
• Do not play tag or any other games on the ice.
• No digging, spraying, chipping or throwing ice.
• No carrying of others including children and infants.
• No anti-social behaviour. (This includes shouting, swearing, spitting, fighting, vandalism, petting, bullying and boisterousness).
• No loitering on the ice - please keep moving.
• Please skate in an anti-clockwise direction only (unless instructed otherwise by the Ice Stewards). All skaters are reminded that they skate at their own risk.